Naked Thoughts


To quote Oswald Spengler, ‘the tragic comedy of the world-improvers and freedom teachers” is that they simply assisting money to be more effective.’… He further remarks, freedom is a negative concept, only entailing the repudiation of any tradition, … the free press does not spread free opinion – it generated opinion, Spengler maintains.


There is no doubt; the corporatists are reclaiming the territories, lost after the two world wars! The liking of wounds has stopped! No more embarrassed about their newfound confidence, knowing of having gained absolute control through the cyber technological advances over the last thirty years, and the world’s resources, may it materialistic or human, the restructuring of the out-dated model of planetary control has begun.

Universities have been brought back to heel, to function again as their handmaidens, not dissimilar to the Middle Ages when controlled scholasticism was at its height.

To keep a high level of anxieties alive in the general population, the reporting of proxy wars, instigated in places where ever their interest are being challenged to their disadvantage by local demands for shared profits, is paramount.

Public armies are slowly downsized, or their control is passed from governments to those cooperation’s, which are in control of the nation. National armies are now used as training places for the new mercenary classes, which can be deployed without the scrutiny of the public eye, for the sole benefits of the cooperation’s interests.

Being in control of the media, any publicly instigated grassroots revolt against the interests of the cooperation’s is now labelled as terrorism, or as a left-leaning revolt against the free will and general public good.

Not that those tactics are new! However, they can now be conducted with less obvious involvements of the powers to be and subcontracted to anyone willing to perform their dirty deeds. Furthermore, having a sumptuous array of sophisticated tools at their hands, rising discontent can be quickly smothered, without having to resort to violent methods used in previous centuries. 


The more we think, the more we realise the limitations of our knowledge, but our understanding will have increased.


Knowledge is fluent, and exchangeable, understanding is stable and stationary. 


Are we now not an excellent position to shed the oversupply of managerial staff? Having fostered the thinning of responsibilities to such an extent that responsibility has lost its meaning in the process.


Words might be described as silly, funny or light-hearted, but humour is a culturally supported prerogative.


One does quickly realised that most people who argue vehemently, do not know what they are talking about.


One does not need to know everything, but one does need to know where to look so to find the knowledge one is looking for!


If we intend to say something, may it be in the form of imagery or words so that it might reach out to the public and influences minds in the process, we need to be willing to go out there, risk the embarrassment of exposure and criticism, praise or ridicule. After all, it will strengthen our character and show us where our weaknesses are.

Our avoidance attitudes are a sign of arrogance and pride. We prefer to bathe in our illusions of greatness, hoping for loyal associates to come along and taking care of the realisation of our ideas, so we do not ourselves having to face the harsh reality of possible rejections.

mind in complex processing


If you intend to dance with wolfs, you must expect to get bitten!


To set out to create a work of Art, if one can call it under those circumstances. If one has decided on having no imposition of direction or specific intentions at the start, knowing, of course, nothing does happen without the initial idea of the intent. The idea here is (unfortunately here I have to refer to the realisation of the idea of an idea), no planning, no replication of a known form or the abstraction of a form.

Unfortunately, the whole endeavour is already flawed by the use of readymade support.

So the application of hues and tones are randomly chosen as the day unfolds and my moods are changing. Expectations of failure do not arise without the guiding factor of intentions and no surprises either. Results and surprises are borne out from the unexpected, unplanned.

So what is it? An unexpected none result, a Noumenal?

In that case, what else can it be called but Art? Nothing else does suffice!


One surprises oneself on occasion, when we look at something, or come across of someone; we suddenly remember those objects, those images, or that person who used to occupy a considerable amount of our emotional responses. But now all that is left are veiled memories.

What does it tell us about ourselves? Generally, it is nothing unusual; such a moment is only too familiar. A passion for one we love can last a lifetime; the desire to express ourselves artistically can absorb us until we are incapable of performing any longer. All kinds of emotional attachments can be snuffed out after a very short period of burning hot with desires.

Suddenly a new object of admiration appears in no time. Taken into consideration, we might better not expect too much of our emotional responses to deliver the expected height. So they might serve us longer without the danger of burning out!


Here some more thoughts on the origins of belief systems, thus to continue the discussion and maybe separate facts from fiction. We often forget only to quickly, or some may have never realised, all religious believe systems are rooted in the mysticism of our pagan forefathers.

So it is no wonder after the mythological lore has played a dominant roll in human history for at least more than thirty thousand years, we are still strongly influenced by those traces embedded in our cultural DNA. In comparison, the idea of rational thought had only been formulated less the three thousand years ago.

So one might not wonder we are witnessing a regular emergence of specific romanticised visions of those so-called “heroic days”. Unfortunately, the results of such periods leave behind the seeds of concepts that do not agree with the ideas of individual freedom nor of rational thought. Those movements more often than not ask for the revitalisation of the nation-state, a strong leader, the hero who will lead us again or even a call to arms. What these romantic movements usually have in common is an embedded racist bias, against anyone who does not share their mythological footprint.

They intend to return us and to adhere to belief systems that present the class and “racist” attitudes that are specific characteristics of romanticism.


To act in contradiction to one’s nature will result in uncharacteristically acts. Someone who cannot or will not accept the given natural disposition towards reality will inure injuries to the self.

Such people more often than not are inclined to seek out authoritarian role models and leaders who can represent the sought after characteristics they are missing in themselves. Those people suffer the constant pain of inadequate self-performance that interfere with their natural disposition. Seeing no way out of their state of enslavement, they thrive for the creation of those conditions where everyone else must suffer the same fate. Freedom-loving, self-conscious individuals are the archenemies for those distorted souls, being secretly envied and so must be subdued and brought into line.


A solution has to be found and put up for discussion before any kind of protests start; otherwise, we will end up with anarchy.


Before we have not acquired a mature level of self-understanding, we will not be able to ask the question that is demanding answers.

Those answers are there all along, but we need to be able to formulate our questions in ways so they may synthesise with the solutions.

mind in dramatic contemplation


The question is; how will our minds be influenced through the current shift from the abstract concept of written language back to the prehistoric Art of the language of “images”? Just to refer to our current obsession with the Internet media platform.

Those shifts in the mind from one field of recognition to another do not necessarily mean a lessening in cognitive abilities of the human mind.

Shifts consciously registered by the mind, including the employment of the sensual faculties to follow a “new direction” of how to perceive and consequently analyse reality, will have to deal with an endless string of hurdles delivered by nature.

I am sure the outcome will be perceived as satisfactorily to us all because by then, we will have lost the understanding of the previously more useful conceptualisations of the written languages.


Specific experiences cannot be put into words; they can only felt “into” by the individual themselves.


I guess in certain circumstances the mind plays out a rather subtle kind of illusion on us, while we are in a state of unawareness. For example, we would like the “others” to be like us! No disagreements, no annoying behaviour traits, always charming, ready to do our biddings and sympathetic inclined towards us, no matter how dysfunctional our conduct.

Does that not sound like heaven?

On second thoughts, no one would seriously want such a state of affairs consciously, but the illusion sounds somewhat comforting.


Some people are inflicted with the need for constant verbalisation in response to their environment. No matter how banal or even meaningless the subject matter or the circumstances! They appear to have a compulsive need to “air-raid the channels” of their minds. What might be the reason to react to everything that has been said or has taken form in their presents?

Without doubt, their inward locking capacity must be limited or even blocked, for reasons to elaborate here to be discussed. It appears; only the outwardly directed channel for self-reflection does function well and possibly in such a way so to compensate for the lack of insightfulness.

For those minds, only the outer world supplies the material to feel comfortable. There might be the possibility of reasons for their reluctance to confront their inner reality; hence that constant need to interact with whatever is played out in front of them. One of the many behaviour models of cover-up, however, the question of responsibility remains!

I have no doubt; those symptoms are applicable in the opposite direction also. Here it is the silently brooding character; all the drama is playing itself out on the inside. We on the outside are left to wonder.   

Without question, dealing with characters inflicted by those detrimentally opposing traits can be quite challenging. 


Some believe, because they are discussing the terms of environmental issues, that they are actually environmentalists! How far they are deluding themself is presented in their daily conduct towards the environment.


We might indulge our self’s in leisurely thoughts; we might take great pleasure in contemplating possibilities beyond our reaches; we might be lifted out of our ordinariness by an unusual insight; even the revisiting of our romantic sufferings in the past might give us certain pleasures when nothing else seemed to work for our benefit.

Those indulgences are addictive, but we never run out of excuses why we are attracted to them.


What does it mean one can relate? What does it mean one can have a relationship with someone?

Does it mean we have a similar outlook on the world so we can agree with each other? Does it mean our way of perceiving reality is compatible? Does it mean we see similarities in the other matching our characteristics? To be able to relate requires a broad array of subtle nuances in human behaviour traits, and of most of them, we are not even aware.


How distorted and clogged up our minds are can easily be observed in our habitual ways of putting up with the most irritating behavioural traits of our fellow man. While balancing on the edge of total combustion, we continuously remind ourselves not to upset the peace, not to interfere, to go along with it for the sake of an illusionary equilibrium.

Instead of pointing out the general irritations to the benefits of all, we are quietly taking our pills!


The impatient are on a constant chase to maximise their available time and so are unable to experience appropriately and consciously the time-space continuum they inhabit.   


Those goody-goodies who are in charge to blind us with their apparent good vibrations, and their cosmic babble, confusing us to such extend that we are unable to become aware of our blight. In the process we are getting nowhere in our attempts to find self-understanding. Our mind’s eye blinded to the choices available, we are unable to step out of that quack mire of perpetual self-pity and stasis.

They are the handmaidens playing to the tune of the world-embracing cooperate control!


Public interests are now challenged through the obliteration of the boundaries between public and private interests!

The most prominent current example is displayed in the incarceration of our elderly citizens by profiteering cooperations?

Should the care for the elderly not be the sole responsibilities of our governments?

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