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My name is Michael Ernest Wilhelm Chapus, borne in the eastern part of Germany, to a German mother and a French father in the early 1950th.

My hometown was a small medieval settlement. The place, its surrounds were my childhood paradise and the cradle of my phantasies and dreams. In the early sixties, we emigrated to the western part of Germany.

After finishing high school, I embarked on an apprenticeship in cabinetmaking. These three years were the most challenging in physical and mental terms. But the most formative years in my educational history! My master, a man of exceptional integrity, set me on my path.

A short stint at the national service followed. Sharing a room with eight other privates for more than a year teaches you a lot about human nature.

Studies in engineering and architecture followed. It was a time of unrestrained freedom, meaningful friendships and a new intellectual awakening. Berlin, I had arrived! Life in a big city for the first time, a challenge for mind, body and spirit! I embraced the abundance of culture with all my heart.

The architect career was short but intense. After having entered the fray with enthusiasm, my idealism withered quickly. Suffocated by competing egos, cooperated greed and corruption. At thirty-two, after having suffered suicidal tendencies for two years, I left everything behind, never to return.

Australia felt like home from day one! The sun and its people were essential to my healing process.

My new goal was to guaranty alive with a maximum of freedom, living simple, without possession and securities!

The only existence society can except without looking down on you was to be an artist! Allowing you to think freely, read as much as you like, experiment without the restrains of conventions. Ii chose my direction without hesitation, having studied drawing and painting; I would embark on the career of an artist.

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